Born 15th March 2000  Weight 2.710 kilos (6lbs)

On 12th February 2002 I had my first hair cut, aged 23 months
Me at the hairdresser
Above: Me on "safari" at Mini Kin Kinder Salon in Muswell Hill having my first hair cut and reading my favourite book as my hairstylist Carol snips away. My Mum would like to thank all at MiniKin Salon for making my first hair cut session so easy and fun for me
Snip snip and all my hair gets the latest style  Hair cut certificate from MiniKin Kinder Salon in Muswell Hill
Carol gives my locks the latest style at MiniKin Kinder Salon where they give you a certificate for your first haircut. I like going to the salon!

My frist real painting which I executed at Palace for AllThe first real painting that I did using different colours and shapes. I did this at Palace for All.
I liked the paint as it tasted nice and went everywhere, but the paper got covered with some and many people thought it was as good as a Pollock, what ever that is!
I liked being an artist and practiced on my parents walls when I got home.

Me and my friend Francisco
Me at my friend Francisco's
1st Birthday party on 9th Feb.
He is doing very well now as
you can see in the pic his Dad
took of us.

Me in Brazil
My second Birthday
Me at MiniKin Hair Salon, my first haircut

My 1st Birthday
Me at physiotherapy
Me at 8 months old in red
Me at 6 months old in a new dress
Me at 5 months old riding a rocking horse and with my friends.
Have a look at the first page I had with me a bit younger aged 2 weeks.
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Me with Father Christmas



All my love, Victoria

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