Commercial portraits

These photographs were taken for Campaign magazine, a journal about the British advertising industry.  In 1982 the new editor, Bernard Barnet,  wanted a different style of photograph to illustrate his magazine instead of the usual head and shoulder shots  used in other journals of this kind.  Other magazines started copying  the format. Eventually it won Campaign awards for the design and layout, and I was awarded a Fellowship from The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for which I  now act as distinction panel member on the Travel, Documentary and Photo Journalism Panel.

Business portrait; Kelly Dowe of Boosy & Hawkes Business portrait at Ted Bates Advertising Business portrait at The Independent Newspaper
Business portrait of a commercail artist Business portrait at Charles Barker Advertsing
Business portrait of the artist Peter Blake
Business portrait of Arnold Pearce of Lintas Advertising
Business portrait of a Campaign journalist
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