Maria de Fatima Campos, ARPS & Richard Davis, FRPS

Richard Davis was ellected a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in 1997, and has been a judge for the Travel, Documentary and Visual Journalism panel of the Society.
He has been a photographer for twenty three years, and has worked for magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, PR firms, charities and direct for large companies on a variety of projects.
In the 1980's he helped found the style of photography used in Campaign magazine which has now become an industry standard for environmental portraiture. 
In the early 1980's he lived in East Africa and worked for several charities there.
In the late 1980's he was the official photographer to the Institution of Civil Engineers which led him into industrial photography, and in 1992 he was awarded the title International Building Press Photographer of the Year for his work.
In 1993 he photographed Japan.
He moved to Brazil with Maria in 1996 where they were married.  Recently they have been working on a book together about Brazil and helping to document a charity shelter for children in Sao Paulo, however they now live in North London - UK

Maria de Fatima Campos is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain,  in Pictorial,  (Visual Art). 
She studied Industrial Design in Curitiba, Brazil, and in 1985 started studying photography in Sao Paulo.  After completing her studies she moved to London to perfect her techniques at Westminster University and other colleges where she qualified  with a BTEC in Professional Photography, and City & Guilds in Image Derivation using  antique and alternative processes. She specialises in portraiture photographing mothers, children, artistes and nudes.
She has worked as a film stills photographer, photographing Derek Jarman for the British Council last documentary about him in 1993, and Lindsay Anderson, film director,  in 1994.
Recently she has been commissioned to work on an educational book about Brazil for children.
She also gives workshops in Silver Gelatin Emulsion, Cyanotype and Kalitype, mainly for Portuguese speakers,  and has been teaching  in different educational institutions for professional photographers and children.
She is member of 1:20 Photographers Group  and the Monochrome Group, Golders  Green, London, UK.

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